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Frequently Asked Questions

I saw something in your store but don't see it for sale online. How can I buy it?

You are always welcome to email me from our contact page with your request. If the item has not already sold, I would be happy to determine a shipping price and mail it to you as long as you live in the United States or Canada. Sorry, but location is a limitation at this time.

What is your refund policy?

Please be aware that there are no refunds on the items you purchase. Due to the nature of our inventory and agreements with our artists we can not offer refunds. When people bring in their consigned items, for instance, and we have completed a sale, they are paid on the basis of this sale. Bringing an item back results in a loss for the store. However, I am happy to apply store credit or help you with an exchange. Please refer to the POLICIES, TERMS & CONDITIONS page for further details.

How much does shipping cost and when can I expect to receive my package?

Shipping is based on weight, number of items and shipping distance. Prices will vary depending on which options you chose. You will see your shipping total on your checkout page. At this time, I can only offer US Postal Service options. I hope to be wildly successful at this and therefore include and expand my operation to include UPS and/or FedEx as well as other countries. In-stock items ship within 48 hours after you place your order.

How do you decide on your artists? I'm an artist, how can I get my work shown at your store?

I carry a variety of products in the store without much overlap of the same medium or unnecessarily duplicating a product type. For instance, I don’t want to have two people making hot pads or painting watercolors unless they are wildly different.

I try very hard to offer products that are handmade and local. If you don’t fit these categories, it will be potentially difficult to convince me that I need to offer your craft in the store. That being said, you never know…you can send me an email on our contact page. You must make an appointment in advance. It isn’t appropriate to interrupt sales or customers interested in shopping at the store. Thanks!

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We take all of our orders over the phone. Our inventory changes daily. Give us call to see what is in stock.

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